Rolex is recognised the world over for its exacting craftsmanship and timepieces that are symbols of excellence, elegance and prestige. Established in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf, the founding vision of Rolex was to create high-precision timepieces that set exceptional standards in the world of watchmaking. Over a century later, this philosophy still holds true and is embodied in each Rolex collection.

Laings is proud to have been an Official Rolex Retailer for over 60 years. With our highly-trained teams and showrooms steeped in green and gold history, the Rolex at Laings experience is unforgettable. The cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton and Cardiff are all home to a Laings Rolex showroom – where we continue to welcome both new and returning clients, helping them to select the perfect Rolex timepiece.

Michael Painter, Rolex Brand Manager at Laings Edinburgh, explains why Laings is the perfect destination to explore Rolex.

Rolex Brand Ambassador

Q. Rolex and Laings have formed a special relationship over the past 60 years. Why do you think this is?

A. Like the basis of most relationships, these are formed over years of trust, hard work and a shared vision for success. Laings and Rolex share many values – striving for excellence, providing the highest levels of luxury experiences and a passion for superlative watchmaking.

Q. Every client that walks through the door is treated to a tailored individual experience at Laings. What is it that makes our Rolex services both personable yet memorable?

A. We focus on the client in front of us. What are they looking to get out of owning a Rolex watch? We want to find out what is important to them. Is this a timepiece to be used for an active lifestyle? Are they looking for a Rolex to be styled as a piece of jewellery? Choosing a Rolex to purchase is a very personal experience and we make that the focal point of each showroom appointment.

Rolex at Laings

Q. What can a client expect from yourself and the team when arriving for their Rolex appointment in one of our showrooms?

A. Passion and professionalism. When a client has chosen a Laings showroom to come and discuss purchasing a Rolex watch, we want them to feel assured we have taken care of them. We opened a beautiful new Rolex showroom on the first floor of our Edinburgh branch in May 2021, which is a fantastic space to provide the ultimate client experience.

Q. At Laings, we pride ourselves on our dedication to improving our knowledge on all things Rolex, both historic and forthcoming. What value does this bring to the customer experience?

A. We are very fortunate to be provided with the highest standard of training from Rolex and I was lucky enough to recently attend the Rolex training programme. The knowledge and experience I gained was invaluable and is fantastic to pass onto clients and colleagues alike.

Rolex at Laings Edinburgh

Q. Throughout the brand’s history, Rolex has launched a plethora of different timepieces from classic to professional models. Is there a particular model you embrace the most?

A. This is a question clients ask me frequently. I am incredibly lucky to get hands-on with so many different Rolex watches that it makes this question harder to answer than you would think. In the current collection, my favourites would have to be the Submariner 124060 and the Yacht-Master 40 in Everose on the Oysterflex bracelet. The Submariner is such a classic piece, it can be worn with anything and is not drastically different since its launch in 1953. The Yacht-Master 40 is also a stunning watch and its Oysterflex bracelet has both a refined look and is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Rolex Watches

Q. It must be a real privilege to work with such prestigious timepieces and knowledgeable staff each day. What is it you love most about your role as the Rolex Brand Manager at Laings?

A. The best part of my role as Rolex Brand Manager at Laings is being able to provide the perfect watch when marking special occasions in our clients’ lives. I have been part of families’ experiences when celebrating everything from 21st birthday presents to 50-year wedding anniversaries. The Rolex purchase will always be a reminder to that client of a milestone in their lives, and for me that is very special and an honour to be a part of.

Q. Laings has a Rolex accredited service centre in Scotland. How do we ensure a clients Rolex watch performs over time to optimal standards?

A. All Rolex watches come with a five-year international guarantee and have a service recommendation of every ten years. We always advise clients to return to us for their watch services. Laings is incredibly fortunate to have a Rolex accredited workshop in the company, which takes great care of clients’ cherished timepieces.

Edinburgh Rolex Showroom

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