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Founded in 1860, Chopard's designer diamond jewellery is always inventive without compromising on style. Their pieces are a red carpet necessity, to the extent that an Academy Award has been collected by a star wearing Chopard for the last twelve consecutive years. From the tenderness of rose gold to the understated elegance of white gold, from the purity of diamonds to the poetry of precious stones, each jewellery creation embodies a blend of elegance and emotion, passion and joie de vivre.

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Ice Cube Collection

Chopard’s Ice Cube collection is the epitome of minimalist elegance. This contemporary jewellery collection is completed with creations that are partially or entirely adorned with diamonds, bringing additional new reflections of light, enhanced by the infinite shimmer of light on its multiple facets.Embracing unique geometric shapes and mingling metals, the Ice Cube collection embodies contemporary elegance. The aesthetic simplicity and purity of the Ice Cube jewellery ensure that each piece can be mixed and matched at will, while preserving their inherent elegance and light touch.

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Happy Hearts

The core values of Chopard – the house with a big heart – have always been generosity and caring for others. A perfect combination of the brand’s talisman heart and emblematic moving diamonds, Happy Hearts unite all the world’s big-hearted women. Symbolising love and kindness, the collection brings out a harmony of fine craftsmanship and superlative design to create true beauty.

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Featured Collection

Happy Diamonds

Representing love and playfulness, the Happy Diamonds collection is perfect for those women who look for unique, vibrant, and radiant jewellery. Chopard innovative moving diamonds gently dance and twirl to your movements creating a stunning and effervescent effect. This beautiful range can see seen across their selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings and come in a selection of different 18-carat golds. This collection is perfect for creating an elegant and understated glamorous look that can be suited to your individual personality.

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Chopard, a Swiss jeweller and watch manufacturer founded in 1860 echo’s Laings in that it is a fully independent family run business. In July 2018 the brand committed to using 100% ethical gold in both their jewellery and watch collections and continue to grow their values by contributing to not-for-profit organisations that support woman including the Naked Heart Foundation, the All Hands and Hearts Foundation and the Education Above All Foundation.

As well as producing beautiful luxury jewellery, Chopard are also renowned for their timepieces for both men and women alike. Boasting bold, stylish and even playful designs, the Chopard watches are unlike any other! 

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